Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Day 1 - An Interview With Yourself

Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf put together this great sounding blogging extravaganza and I’ve decided to take part.

Here’s my interview with myself:

What is your name?

Where do you work?
An Academic Library, I’m a full-time Library Assistant.

How long have you been blogging?
Since August 2010.

What is your favorite color?

Bibliognome: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Bibliognome: What word is your favorite to say or write?
Plethora or myriad.

Bibliognome: If you had a gnome character, what would you name them?  
Thaddeus Molehill

If a book was really alive/could talk and everything which one would you never talk to again after reading?
Allegiant (for so many reasons...)

What author is a must buy for you/ do you enjoy reading the most?  
There are so many now but if I had to narrow it down to five it would be:
Anne Bishop
Stephanie Perkins
J.K. Rowling
Tahereh Mafi
Gini Koch

Quick Questions:
Zombie or vampire?  

Pop or soda?

Silver or gold?

Starbursts or Skittles?

Pen or pencil?

Dystopia or utopia?

Utopia if it would be something like Star Trek, dystopia if it would be a kind of problem I could handle.


  1. Hi Becky! Plethora is such a fun word to say! Stephanie Perkins is an auto-buy author we have in common! She's such a talented writer - her strengths absolutely lie in creating well rounded and loved characters. I prefer pen for most things as well, but when I'm writing in my blog planner, I have to use pencil because there is a lot of erasing. LOL. Great interview! Thanks for sharing!

    - Elizabeth @ Book Yabber

    1. Hello,
      Yeah I love that word. Have to agree with you about Perkins, I love everything she writes and her characters are so unique. I really need a blog planner like you have because I'm horrible at planning ahead.

  2. I need to check out some of the authors on your list! I definitely agree with your answer on starburst/skittles. Skittles all the way! haha
    Thanks for the fun interview, Becky!

    1. You definitely should they all are superb writers of characters and world building. Nice, yes Skittles for all. :)

  3. Hi Becky!

    Ugh. Allegiant. I have nothing to say to that book, either.

    I prefer pens over pencils, too. I have a slight pen obsession, though. As in...I shop for pens on Amazon at 2 in the morning. No regrets. haha.

    1. Hello,
      Yes, that book and I are definitely not on speaking terms.
      Pens are addictive to shop for I too have shopped for many on Amazon.

  4. Hi Becky!

    I haven't read That Book because I hated what they did to the ending, so in my mind, F & T are living on an island and constantly taking showers. Because Four should always be wet. *cough*

    Great interview, thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Stacee, yeah after reading That Book I really wish I hadn't... I like your vision much better. :)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I think I'd pick gold over silver, depending on what it is (which is funny, because I used to HATE gold), and I'm definitely more of a vampire girl. You mention a certain book on here, and, well, let's just say I call it The Book That Shall Not Be Named and leave it at that. (Excellent question, by the way.) I REALLY want enchiladas right now--and it's almost midnight--and oh my gosh, I love that gnome name. Thanks for joining in!

    1. Thanks for hosting this very fun extravaganza :)

      Nice, yeah that book made me so mad I haven't even watched beyond the first movie from that series. Yeah, I could eat enchiladas for just about every meal. I do love gnomes as you can tell from my blog name.


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