Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get Up Offa That Slump Day 4 - Don't Post That Venting Review/Bash That Book

Rachel at Beauty and the Bookshelf put together this great sounding blogging extravaganza and I’ve decided to take part.

Today's goal is to write a venting review/bash a book but without naming the title.

Dear **@!$%&%!*&@#,

You, you, you know what you did…

You foul, wretched truly mess of a book. You made me start thinking of trilogies as a dirty word/something to fear.

Wherefore art thou great characters and story that I loved in thee first book??? Huh, huh, if you were a person I would want to fight you or you know take you to court for the time I wasted reading you.

Why, why did you have to go and break my heart like that. I’m afraid that we can’t be friends anymore.

Choices, choices, choices. This book had me going WTF WTF were you thinking multiple times while reading.

The truth is hard to hear of course but well, it’s also pretty darn stupid too...

You the hero of the story seemed nigh invulnerable but your final fate was infuriating. I thought I could foresee greatness in you but alas I don't think loathe is a strong enough word to use to talk about my feelings for you.

Unsincerely Yours,


  1. Short and sweet (or not) ;) I appreciate that I don't actually know which books you're talking about. I'm sorry this trilogy let you down though!

    1. Thanks, yes I was very mad at this trilogy because the first book was so great and then it just went downhill from there...


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