Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - One

One by Leigh Ann Kopans

The first sentence from each chapter of One, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Most nights, and some mornings before sunrise, I sneak to the back of the shed, and I practice.”

I loathe the idea of art class.”

I pace the hall.”

Today, I’m looking forward to driving myself to school.”

When the bell signaling the end of class rings, I head out into the hallway to join everyone else.”

On the drive over to Elias’s house, I take a lot of deep breaths through my nose.”

The sun has almost completely set now, and the last of the daylight flares the deep blue sky with purple at the top layer.”

The alarm on my cuff screeches, ripping me out of the most vivid flying dream I’ve ever had.”

I know that most girls would cry at this point.”

The next morning, when I try to turn into my golden-sunshine-bed-bath, I can’t.”

The sky has darkened to a dusky charcoal gray, and it’s the clearest I’ve seen in a while.”

The next couple of weeks fly by in a haze.”

That night, Elias and I head to his house after school and basketball.”

Frost has started to decorate the Nebraska grass overnight, and Elias is deep in practices and private coaching now.”

About half an hour’s drive out into the cornfields of Nebraska lies a 100-acre plot of land on which nothing but tall grass grows.”

After we leave the presentation, Elias says, “I told Mom and Dad we’d sit with them for coffee.”

We get within about 15 feet of the ballroom exit, and Elias drops my hand and says, “Follow me in a couple minutes, okay?”

The entire room clears after lunch for a tour through the Hub.”

I expect to see the boys hanging out in the living room, and I think how much good ruffing their hair and hassling them a little would do me.”

A few hours later, my fury has dissipated —thanks in large part to my rickety drums and the abuse I gave them.”

I wake with a start, my legs tangled in the sheets.”

I scramble down from the chair and start to put everything back.”

Some cross between panic and hope tightens my throat as the minutes tick by and we finally reach the plains over the Hub.”

Once the guards leave, I reluctantly sink down to floor level.”

He lays there, in white cotton pants, chest bare, some kind of sensors strapped all over it.”

When I push the door open and step into the arena, the buzz runs over my whole body — suddenly, powerfully, but not painful or unpleasant at all.”

He’s impeccably groomed, a Chesire-cat smile spreading across his face.”

“Found these two trying to sneak out the way they came in.”

Before I can blink again, a robe-wrapped emaciated figure appears in front of Fisk.”

The cold has injected a shock of vibrancy into the broad, brush-stroked colors that paint the horizon.”

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