Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Fangirl

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

The first sentence from each chapter of Fangirl, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* ARC received from NetGalley for review.
“There was a boy in her room.”

“In books, when people wake up in a strange place, they always have that disoriented moment when they don’t know where they are.”

“It was impossible to write like this.”

“The squirrels on campus were beyond domestic; they were practically domestically abusive.”

“Please don’t make me sit in the hall,” Levi said.”


“When Cath saw Abel’s name pop up on her phone, she thought at first that it was a text, even though the phone was obviously ringing.”

“Have you started your scene yet?”

“Cath had an hour or so to kill before she left for Omaha, and she didn’t feel like sitting in her room.”

“Professor Piper wasn’t done grading their unreliable-narrator scenes (which made Nick crabby and paranoid), but the professor wanted them all to get started on their final project, a ten-thousand word short story.”

“The hallway was perfectly quiet.”

“It was too cold to wait outside before Fiction-Writing, so Cath found a bench inside Andrews Hall and sat with one leg tucked beneath her, leaning back against the cream-colored wall.”

“Cath wasn’t trying to make new friends here.

“Their dad came to pick them up the day before Thanksgiving.”

“When Cath saw it was Levi standing outside the door, she was so happy to see his always-friendly face, she just let him in.”

“Cath didn’t wake up when the door swung open.”

“They didn’t talk in the car.”

“Do you just hang out here now?”

“Levi didn’t ask any questions, and Cath didn’t feel like explaining.”

“Her dad and Wren came home on the same day.”

“Their dad got up to jog every morning.”

“There are already four light fixtures in here,” Reagan said.”

“What does ‘inc’ mean?”

Levi sat on her bed.”

“Reagan was sitting at Cath’s desk when Cath woke up.”

“Professor Piper held out her arms when Cath walked in.”

“When they pulled crunchily into Cath’s driveway, Cath exhaled, completely, for the first time in two hours.”

“Geez, Cather, if you need a break, just tell me.”

“It was another hour before the nurse came back.”

“We don’t need to talk about this,” Wren said.”

Alejandro was waiting for them when they got to Schramm Hall.”

Wren was back, and it felt like someone had turned Cath’s world right side up.”

“Have you started?”

“They stepped into the elevator, and Cath pressed 9.”

“Look at them,” Reagan said, shaking her head fondly.”

“Cath had been writing for four hours, and when she heard someone knocking at her door, if felt like she was standing at the bottom of a lake, looking up at the sun.”


“It was her last Friday night in Pound Hall.”


  1. Funny, I just read an article where this book was mentioned as one of the books most anticipated this week.

    Hope you're going to like it.


    1. Nice, yeah I loved the author's first book and knew I had to read this book. It's also fun to be able to support a local author.

      Thanks :)


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