Saturday, September 7, 2013

Review - One

One by Leigh Ann Kopans

3 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes

This book is full of great ideas and has an interesting world.  I like how scientific feeling the explanation for superheroes is.

Merrin doesn’t fit in because she’s a One, someone who only has one power and not the two that she would need to be a real hero.  With all her heart she wants to be able to fly but the only thing she can do is float.  (I personally think it would be awesome to float but that’s just me I guess.)

Elias is a great love interest because he seems to always understand what Merrin needs. They have a great chemistry and their feelings really let them soar.

At first it looks like they both feel very differently about being Ones and have some secrets that they aren't sharing.  It's great to read and see them become closer though.  When they discover the power they have together it is unbelievable and then like any good book things get messy very quickly.

The villain in this book was the creepy kind that kind of sneaks up on you but when you look back there are a lot of clues to who the villain would be.

This book is exciting and the end is action packed.  There are still plenty of twists that I'm curious about and things that I'm unsure of.  It'll be nice to get more answers in the next book and see how these characters evolve.

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