Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - City of Devils

City of Devils by Justin Robinson

The first sentence from each chapter of City of Devils, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Provided by Candlemark & Gleam/NetGalley for Review

The man knocking on the outside of my office window had the head of a fly.”

My new client left as elegantly as she arrived, and as soon as she was out the door, I grabbed my stuff.”

I was up about a half hour before dawn.”

I took a step into the room.”

The problem with Evelyn Farrell is that there might not even be a crime there.”

The Ophelia was Downtown, the first of several theaters planned for a new complex.”

Before arriving home and vanishing into sandy air, Juba II had been at the office.”

For lunch, I stopped by Castle Frankenfurter, a small silver diner a couple blocks from City Hall.”

Visionary Pictures was located on a former orange grove, bulldozed and covered over with cement.”

It took me a little longer than I liked to start driving home, mostly because I wanted to be certain the curse had worn off before I got behind the wheel of a thousand pounds of fast-moving steel.”

I got to my neighborhood right as the sun dipped below the horizon.”

Wake up.”

I sat in my office with my heart pounding long after the two wolfmen left.”

I got back in my car just as the day was starting to turn, tossing the sack lunch into the passenger seat.”


I approached the house cautiously.”

The screaming started a second later.”

There’s a problem with running from werewolves, and that’s the fact they’re faster than humans.”

I yelped and immediately reached into my jacket for the evil eye charm.”

Hexene was waiting in the living room when I got out of the shower.”

I drove up to the Visionary lot and, for once, had sort of legitimate business there.”

My pride was kind of wounded, sure.”

The hearse and bikers rolled through the gates of Visionary with barely a word from Ugoth, who was now thoughtfully masticating half a swordfish.”

We joined the streams of monsters going to and fro around the various stages of the Visionary lot.”

What was that?”

They didn’t laugh at me, really.”

That was a shot of pure glacier into my veins.”

I should thank my lucky stars she was a terrible shot.”

Knocking on this particular door was awkward for a variety of reasons.”

I realized it was a dream too late, as it went with all dreams.”

I burned down Sunset as fast as the bike could move me.”

I rejoined Hexene out front.”

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