Thursday, August 29, 2013

Series Review (so far) - The Elemental Series

These books are so addictive I read these three and one of the short stories in the course of about three days.  They just draw you in right away and don’t let up until the end of the book.

The Merrick brothers are an awesome bunch and their elemental powers are really fun/cool to contemplate.  The whole Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, and Spirit kind of reminded me of the Captain Planet cartoon (not in a bad way though I freaking loved that show.)

Each of the brothers is very different, so I'm sure any reader will find a favorite out of the bunch. My favorites after reading these three and the short story are Gabriel, Nick, Michael, and Chris and Hunter (he's not a Merrick and has a rather complicated story that's explained more in the third book) kind of falls in the middle somewhere.

I like that you have two narrators a guy and a girl because this way you get to see both sides of a character/how they see themselves and how the other characters see them. Becca, Layne, and Kate are strong counterparts to the guys in their lives. I think out of all the girls Layne is definitely my favorite and her and Gabriel have an interesting relationship.

What keeps the series so intense is that each book floats right into the next book there's no three months later or anything the events always have consequences and are fresh in everybody's minds.

I can't wait for the next book in the series because it'll be from Nick's point of view and if it's anything like his short story it's going to be so good. If you're looking for a new series to try I can't recommend this one enough.

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