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Sentence Sneak Peek - Buried in Angst

Buried in Angst by David J. Pedersen

The first sentence from each chapter of Buried in Angst, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book received from the author for review.

“A dark storm threatened the horizon, tossing the ocean about like water in a bucket.”

“Angst was frustrated.”

“Angst awoke at the precipice of madness.”

“What in Ehrde were you doing in there anyway?”

“Why did you do that, Angst?”

“Someone gently shook Angst’s shoulder, and he adjusted his position.”

“Trepidation crept up Angst’s spine and tickled the base of his skull as he entered the maidens’ courtyard.”

“Dignitaries, knights, the queen, and her advisors filled the large hall, which had hosted the banquet honoring Angst and his friends only months ago.”

“I think it’s time for you to leave,” Queen Isabelle said thoughtfully, tapping her chin with a finger.”

“They should be here any minute,” Angst said apologetically to Heather.”

“The lack of dreams left Angst with a small headache the fol-lowing morning.”

“Don’t you see?”

“Angst instinctively lifted his sword arm to protect his face as a ball of heat and light rocketed past.”

“The element of earth towered over them, her long arms held out in warning.”

“Rose tripped down the dark hallway, cradling her bleeding hand at her waist and pressing her other hand against her eye.”

“They traveled as fast as Angst’s swifen would allow, but what should’ve taken mere hours of pusing their swifen to their lim-its stretched into a tedious day-and-a-half long trip, interrupted by stops and starts.”

“Are you sure you aren’t angry?”


“His dreams were gone.”


“Your Majesty knew she was going to leave with them?”

“You never told me you trained with Tyrell,” Angst remarked as he stepped over a fallen log, still in awe of her triumph.”

“That was close,” Hector said, clapping Dallow on the back with a heavy thud.”

“The street that housed the Wizard’s Revenge was a blemish.”

“Victoria wandered around the swifen while the others waited in awkward silence.”

“Angst drew his long sword.”

“You fought the element of Air all by yourself?

“The town was small and tidy, tucked away in a grove of snowy fir trees.”



“Angst barely held himself up, muscles throughout his body spontaneously twitching from exhaustion.”

“It’s hard to explain, Paul.”

“The next morning, Victoria joined Angst on his swifen, and he was comforted that she rode with him instead of Crloc.”

“A low-pitched hum filled Angst’s ears, and he had to wonder if Chryslaenor was singing to him once more.”

“Gushing wind blew salty ocean water at Rose’s face, biting at her with cold sharp teeth.”

“There was a terrible crunching sound followed by muffled screams as stragglers from the Rehmans’ Charge were crushed under the dragon’s landing.”

“Dallow lay on a makeshift stretcher carried by Tarness and a burly Rehman soldier who seemed disgusted at having to cart a wielder.”

“Her soon-to-be royal majesty and princess, Alloria, drew long-nailed fingers up and down the rich armrest of the queen’s throne as she settled back into the high-seated cushion.”

“They entered what had to be the longest hallway in all of Ehrde.”

“Melkier dining tables were not the standard rectangle of Un-sel or the fantastical oval of Rohjek.”

“Queen Isabelle lay on her side, staring at the fire that popped and snapped as wood settled into the grate.”

“Angst’s room was spacious and opulent, with every amenity a visiting ambassador could desire—and it set his teeth on edge.”

“My father asked me to make certain your accommodations are acceptable,” Nicadilia said, her gaze flitting around the room.”

“To say Scar looked pathetic was like describing a murder as being only unfortunate, or a tornado merely unnerving.”

“Dallow shuffled his feet slowly, in spite of the young page’s assistance down the hallway.”

“Even at night, the castle had more soldiers than shadows, making it near impossible for Hector to sneak about.”

“Rook’s fingers were stiff and his injured leg reluctant to bend after the frigid ride to Unsel.”

“It’s here, Angst.”

“There was a loud thud, and Nicadilia’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.”

“Isabelle’s white hair was so tall it towered over a pale green collar that rose from her shoulders and framed her head from ear to ear.”

“What are you doing?”

“Angst walked to Victoria and reached out to help her up.”

“Alloria curtsied respectfully to the crowd before moving to stand to the left of Queen Isabelle.”

“They had sprinted from the dungeon and abruptly stopped just outside the exit.”


“Jaden sat in the antechamber, irritable from having to wait and annoyed by Rook’s constant pacing.”

“We had no choice!”

“What are you doing?”

“A shadow fell across the fake throne room as large gray Fulk’han men and their pastel-colored escorts strode into the room.”


“Angst felt stunned, as if he had suffered a blow to the head, and his friends appeared similarly distracted.”

Tyrell entered the infirmary with the help of a guard.”

“What is this?”

Epilogue One
Victoria cried inconsolably, rocking back and forth in a ball between Angst’s arms.”

Epilogue Two
Alloria sat on the throne and leaned back into it.

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