Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - A Shade of Vampire

A Shade of Vampire by Bella Forrest

The first sentence from each chapter of A Shade of Vampire, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
* Book received from the author for review

“I never once imagined that my life would play out the way it did.”

“I was taking an evening stroll along the beach, feeling the smooth sand under my bare feet with every step.”

“I blinked several times, hoping that I would see a bit more clearly if I did it enough.”


“The moment my eyes shot open, I could hear everything, smell everything and feel everything within at least a quarter-mile radius from me.”

“My eyes were glued to the young man Vivienne was embracing only moments ago.”

“I couldn’t pry my eyes away from her.”

What is it with these people and shoving me up against hard surfaces?

Four hundred years.”

“His hand was so cold.”

“The moment I laid myself down on the furry covers of the four poster bed in the middle of the lavish bedroom I’d chosen for myself, the first thought that came to mind was: What on earth are you doing?

Run, Sofia.

“Despite my efforts not to, I kept staring.”

“I will never forget that conversation at Derek’s dining table on my first “morning” at The Shade.”

“Not long after Sofia left us to discuss whatever it was that Vivienne saw as too confidential for her to hear, my siblings took me on a tour of the island, mainly the Crimson Fortress, showing me how they’d fortified it over the past centuries.”

“It was impossible to know that Derek had already arrived back at the Residences.”

“She looked so peaceful, so serene, so innocent as I carried her to her bedroom and laid her on the bed.”

“Everything happened in a blur. I was aware of it all, and yet, I wasn’t.”

She’s wounded,” was the first thing Corrine said when I barged through the doors of the Sanctuary, Sofia still sobbing in my arms.”

“Corrine took her time with me.”

“I rose to my feet the moment the door swung open.”

“The moment our eyes met, he looked away, almost as if he were embarrassed about something.”

“That moment in the Sun Room haunted me as I watched her sleep beside me.”

“Chills were running down my spine as I eased into Ben’s strong arms that wrapped tightly around me.”

“I hated the tension.”

“No words could explain how shaken I was.”

What have I done?

“I wanted to take the girls with me and insisted on it.”

“I was jolted from my sleep, knowing fully well what had just occurred the moment their lips touched.”

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