Saturday, March 16, 2013

Love at First Book - Animorphs #1, The Invasion

Love at First Book

* a feature in which we talk about first books that were love at first sight.  These are the books that draw you in and make you want the next books in a series ASAP.

The Invasion, the first Animorphs book starts off strong and introduces you to one heck of an interesting world so this was definitely love at first book.  This is the first series that I became absolutely obsessed over and I just latched on to it thanks to reading this book.  I have every single book in the series and read all of them until the bitter end (don't even talk to me about the last book...)  I also have VHS tapes of all of the TV show that aired on Nickelodeon and think that if they tried to make the show again that it would look even better today because of technological advances.  I love the new covers for the series because they will hopefully lead more people to reading these books and they're pretty cool because you can see the morph happening.  Overall I highly recommend this series.

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