Monday, March 25, 2013

Sentence Sneak Peek - Mr. Real

Mr. Real by Carolyn Crane

The first sentence from each chapter of Mr. Real, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“When Alix Gordon returned from a tromp in the woods with her dog, Lindy, she spied a sparkling little something on her porcha piece of jewelry.”

“The porch stood empty the next morning.”

“The fact that the girl recognized him the instant she opened the doorand then attempted to conceal her reactionled Sir Kendall to a number of linked realizations.”

“Paul Reinhardt, better known to the mixed martial arts world as “Puma Reinhardt,” one of the most promising fighters in the UFL, stared out the passenger window at the blur of roadside reflectors, wishing he could kill Sir Kendall once and for all.”

“The girl returned from the kitchen and her secretive phone call, all sexy smiles.”

“Alix inhaled sharply as Sir Kendall moved his finger up the tender underside of her thigh.”

“Paul took over the driving just before they hit Colorado, and Tonio relaxed in the passenger seat, feet clomped up onto the dash.”

“Alix woke up to find Sir Kendall sleeping next to her and was immediately filled with excitement and awe and a little bit of terror.”

“An hour later, Sir Kendall parked in front of Bean Central, the town coffee shop.”

“Paul stood in front of his motel room enjoying the warmth of the morning sun on his face, and the way the soft drone of crickets rose and fell in lazy waves of sound.”

Sir Kendall grasped the handcuffs tightly in his fists to keep them from clinking as he leaned in the entryway, regarding the back of Alix’s head.”

“Paul jerked away from the nut job and backed off as the old, fierce feelings washed over himsmashed over himtossing him like a rag doll.”

“Alix sat on cushions on the floor next to Sir Kendall, eyeing Paul, who sat across the room on the couch, watching football and texting with some friend of his.”

“Here’s the bottom linenobody will be carrying weapons of any kind into this party.”

“Paul gritted his teeth as Sir Kendall pulled him into the living room and introduced him as poor long-lost Paul, his twin brother.”

“At precisely 11:47 a.m., Paul sat down on Alix’s front porch.”

“She stomped inside wishing she could slam the door, but it was too messed up for that.”

“Sir Kendall stared at Paul “Puma” Reinhardt’s bio on”

“This is fun.”

“Alix grabbed the seat back, balancing precariously on Paul’s lap as Sir Kendall swung his car into the long gravel driveway.”

“Paul whomped the heavy bag with his right leg, a powerful round kick.”

“At three-thirty a.m. Sir Kendall was still working feverishly to assemble the primitive radio from the parts he’d bought at various stores.”

“The house was quiet when Alix awoke, and her first thought was of Paul.”

“He felt like she’d slapped him in the face.”

Hyko strolled up to Alix, pointing one of his guns at her chest.”

Hyko released the cuff that held Sir Kendall to the cage, yanked him up by the collar, and re-cuffed his hands together.”

“Alix smoothed Paul’s hair back from his head.”

“Sir Kendall shifted on the nubby fabric of the musty couch in the basement computer lab.”

“Paul had never been prouder of Alix.”

“Alix raced across the gravel in her bare feet, heading toward the house with Lindy right behind her.”

“The Christmas lights around Alix’s living room blurred as the tears came.”

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