Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rambunctious Real

Mr. Real by Carolyn Crane

Beginning to Middle of the Book Rating - 3 gnomes out of 5 gnomes
Ending Rating - 4 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

This book was rather vexing at first because the main character is abrasive (she definitely grows as the book goes along though.)  The magic circumstances in the book tie everything together well even if you’re still left wanting to question some of the main characters decisions.

I want to know more about Alix’s aunt that she inherited the house from. She sounds like quite an interesting lady.  From what happens in the book, I’d be curious to know whether she died of natural causes or something supernatural.

I’ll just go right to the point and say how dumb/reckless Alix seemed to me for a good chunk of the book.  I have a feeling that I’ll like her character better in later books but in this one I loathed her for about a third of the book.  She makes some choices that really had me questioning why exactly she would do something.  It was good to slowly see her becoming more responsible I just wish it had started sooner.

Having a fictional character as one of the points of the view for the book was fantastic because seeing how he operates in this world was intriguing. I was suspicious of him from the beginning but there’s a great twist to his character too.  He’s not real sympathetic at first but he does change eventually for the better.  Having this suave spy charm everybody was a lot of fun but he’s really more dangerous than Alix realizes.  

Paul, the MMA fighter, is a stoic guy who has a dark secret that he doesn’t want anybody to know.  His secrets catch up and pretty much smash him in the face when he takes a detour to a small town in Minnesota.  I loved getting to know more about Paul and seeing how he interacted with everyone else.  

This was probably the most inventive love triangle that I’ve read in quite awhile.  I’m glad it turned out the way it did and am curious to see what relationships happen in later books.  There are some steamy sections of the book and here's hoping there will be more of the same in later books.

The last part of the book was so good and really makes me look forward seeing what happens next.  I hope that the next book has more characters from the fantasy world. 


  1. I had a hard time with Alix at first too. Sometimes it's hard to wait for a character to mature over the series. I think she's going to get better too now that some things were resolved.
    Mr. Real was a lot of fun.

    1. Yeah this book was a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the next books because I liked Alix's character a whole lot better at the end of the book and I'm curious to see if and how the two worlds colide again.


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