Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Review - The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart by Stephanie Burgis

5 out of 5 gnomes

Oh, this book really made me fall in love with it. Fantasy + Dragons + a plethora of chocolate = a book you should read ASAP. The voice, the setting, it was just a lot of fun to read. The illustrations before each chapter draw you into the story too. This is one of those books that just makes you smile while you read it. Plus you’ll most likely develop a large craving for chocolate.

This fantastic fantasy’s main character is Aventurine, a dragon, who’s tired of being told what to do and always staying in the cave. She sneaks out one day and is transformed into a human thanks to some magical hot chocolate. This is of course a big surprise to her and she has quite the learning curve when it comes to being a human.

This one taste of chocolate starts her journey and leads her on a quest to find and learn everything she can about chocolate and the world she now has to live in.

The conflict mostly is from a dragon not understanding the human world. She’s a bit more bold than most people are used to. Her view on things though is usually pretty enlightening.

The characters are all really well done from her dragon family to her group of friends that become like a new family. There are plenty of misunderstandings to get through but this is just one heck of an entertaining read.

If you’re like me you’ll look forward to reading whatever Burgis writes next.

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