Monday, March 6, 2017

Review - Etched in Bone

Etched in Bone by Anne Bishop

* Read via NetGalley for review

Overall 3 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

4 out of 5 gnomes for characters
3 gnomes and a gnome hat for story
5 gnomes out of 5 for some superb character scenes especially Skippy
2 out of 5 for bad guy this round

I continue to adore the world of the Others. This was a good book with some great moments but kind of felt like a filler book overall. There weren’t as many surprises as there usually are and the villain didn’t really feel up to snuff.

If this is the last book focusing on Meg and the Courtyard then it was an okay but pretty weak ending. Like maybe they should have stopped at the last book kind of ending because that would have been a stronger ending.

Still I look forward to seeing what other characters Bishop sets up in this world next in book six. As Goodreads has the following for the description:

Bishop’s new novel takes readers to a human village nestled in the terra indigene-controlled Finger Lakes region of Northeast Thaisia. It stars divorcee Victoria “Vicki” DeVine, owner of The Jumble — a small, self-sufficient community located on the shore of Lake Silence. Vicki and the town’s residents soon find themselves caught up in a chilling mystery, after a series of vicious murders rock the small community.

Simon and Meg’s relationship has been a plus. Seeing Meg and the other blood prophets grow and change has been a highlight of the series. Not much is left unfinished but I found myself still wanting a lot of answers. I’m secretly hoping for short stories or whole books set in the other communities we’ve heard about in these books. Overall a series well worth checking out just for the world building and characters alone.


  1. It's such a relief to find this review because I felt exactly the same way. I still love these characters and world but what was up with this villain and story?

    It was such an anti-climactic way to go out but everyone else loved it so I thought it was just me lol

    Karen @For What It's Worth

    1. Thanks :) I'm glad someone else felt the same way too.

      Yes, anti-climatic is definitely the right word for this being the last book focused on Meg and Simon. Even the whole finale with the grave in the woods was kind of blah. I just expected more, especially after the last book. I'll still read the next book of course but this was just disappointing.


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