Monday, February 13, 2017

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Long Way Home

Long Way Home by Katie McGarry

“Two pathetic paths and I could only travel one. Nowhere in that stupid poem did it mention there was good and bad to both paths and that sometimes it’s best not to choose, but to set up camp at the fork and do nothing at all.”

“Life is not fun and no one is doing either him or me a favor by trying to act differently.”

“This isn’t a fight. My voice hasn’t risen high enough to draw a crowd, and I have yet to say fuck, so we’re still in the land of civil.”

“She was trying to protect me, trying to take on the world on her own... again.”

“Kittens and clowns don’t make sense to me anymore. Feels abnormal in dark reality.”

“You’ll make it. The strong ones always do.”

“Yeah, but I love her. Never stopped. Just tucked it away as deep as I could so I wouldn’t be in pain all the damn time.”

“Yes, I’m going to love her and I need to love her right.”

“Me and the club, we might not always be right, but we try. Don’t fault us for that.”

“Taught me how to be a man of integrity in a world that says integrity is a relic.”

“It’s my way of saying I’m right here beside you and that’s where I plan on staying.”

“It’s not. “I trust you.” Just him. “I do. I don’t know how to trust me.”

“Loving him was easy. It’s life that’s hard.”

“I love you.” Because I do love him. I’ve always loved him. Even when sometimes that love bordered on hate, I loved him. I love him and it needed to be said.”

“Every now and then the crazy and wild angels who occasionally watch over me and Violet produce a miracle.”

“It’s officially time to man up.”

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