Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Holding Up the Universe

Holding Up the Universe by Jennifer Niven

“Every book I read and movie I watch seems to give out the same message: high school is the worst experience you can ever have.”

“The great thing about my size is that I can clear a path.”

“So I ask you, What can high school do to me that hasn’t already been done?”

“We can’t fight another person’s battles, no matter how much we want to.”

“Sometimes they’re shitty because they’re afraid. Sometimes they choose to be shitty to others before others can be shitty to them. So it’s like self-defensive shittiness.” Which I know plenty about. “Who’s being shitty to you?”

“You don’t get to be the villain and the hero.”

“It’s exhausting, constantly having to search for the people you love.”

“Are you sure?” I try to sound like I don’t really give a shit, but here’s the thing— I do give a shit. I give five million shits, which is why I feel like I’m going to be sick all over these Legos.”

“Real okay or fake okay?” “Somewhere in between.”

“I think what an amazing world this would be if we all danced everywhere we went.”

“I am universal.”

“But why should what I weigh affect other people? I mean, unless I’m sitting on them, who cares?”

“Different life. Different world. Different rules. We don’t ever leave that old world behind. We just create a new one.”

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