Friday, September 23, 2016

Review - Heroine Complex

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

5/5 gnomes

Gah, I really really loved this book. It has such a tremendous cover too, that I knew I wanted to read it ASAP (I mean who doesn't want to read about things like demonic cupcakes.) I'm drawn to super hero books and this one was awesome. I adored the blend of humor, relationships, and surprises.

I like the uniqueness of how the powers are obtained in this story. Here's hoping we see more of these interesting power in the next books.

The relationships in the story really help it shine. From Aveda and Evie on down to the rest of the crew. There are plenty of complications of course but that just makes for great reading. I love the friendship and family that is shown here and how things aren't perfect but they all find a way.

This book went to super status for me with that ending. I for one didn't foresee those twists and turns. I am really looking forward to reading more about these characters.

If you're a fan of super characters, humor, don't mind a lot of f-bombs, and some romance than this book is for you.

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