Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Review - Drag Teen

Drag Teen by Jeffery Self

5/5 gnomes

Oh, this book was excellent. This story is both fierce and fun.

I was drawn to this story because I also love Rupaul's Drag race, now that is one heck of an entertaining show. I discovered it on Netflix and have been watching every season since then.

This book is interesting because it combines drag, a road trip, and lots of crazy shenanigans along the way. JT's journey is angsty of course but his insecurities feel very real.

I love his boyfriend Seth even if he is more than a tad too positive at times. Also his best friend Heather rings pretty darn true too.

The road trip was both insightful and also full of great characters. It tested all of their relationships and they are now a lot more interesting for it.

The Drag Pageant itself was a blast to read about too. The ending was great and I really can't wait to see what this author writes next.

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