Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Heroine Complex

Heroine Complex by Sarah Kuhn

The first sentence from each chapter of Heroine Complex, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

I AM NOT a superhero.”

“YOU KIND OF have the world’s worst job.”

THIS IS GONNA be a bitch to clean up.”


“I’M AFRAID MR. SPARKY was unsalvageable.”

“OFF, OFF . . . get it off!”

IN THE PANTHEON of Comforting Smells, I ranked McDonald’s french fry grease in the top five. Maybe top two, even.”

THE MOMENT I set foot in the ballroom, I was blinded by glittering light.”


I THOUGHT I was done running for the day.”


“RISE AND SHINE, Supergirl!”

I’D NEVER RACED up a moving escalator before.”

I FLEW OUT of Nordstrom, zipping down the escalator, darting between shoppers, pushing my way out to the bustle of the street.”

THE DISEMBODIED HAND reached for my neck again.”

LUCY AND I worked out for two hours.”

“WOW,” NATE SAID after a few moments of awed silence.”


THE NEXT WEEK whizzed by in a blur.”

AVEDA AND I stumbled home when the marine layer moved in, casting a sheen of gray sludge over everything.”

I’D LIKE TO be able to say I took the mature route.”

I’M GOING TO have nightmares.”

YOU’RE SURE IT’S not too much?”


I WOKE UP in my bed, pillows surrounding me like a fort.”

I LET MY anger power me all the way to Pussy Queen, stomping through the ten-block walk with Lucy hot on my heels.”

MY EYES SNAPPED OPEN and I was instantly aware of three things: 1) I wasn’t dead.”

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