Monday, April 11, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Walk the Edge

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry

* Received from NetGalley for Review

The first sentence from each chapter of Walk the Edge, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

“THERE ARE LIES in life we accept.”


“THE WORLD ZONES out as if I’m in a long tunnel encircled by darkness.”

“I KNOW THAT the capital of Bolivia is Sucre.”

“HER FACE IS white against her raven hair.”

IS THAT WHY you brought up the twenty dollars?

“THE WATER BEATS down from the showerhead and steam rises around me.”

“THERE’S A PICTURE on the fridge Mom and Dad had taken of the kitchen when they moved into the house.”


“YOUR SISTER HAS officially joined civilization.”

“OZ AND I mount our motorcycles at the same time, but I block his path forward with my bike.”

“THIS IS GOING to be the best night of our lives,” announces Reagan.”


“WE BYPASSED MY curfew of ten hours ago.”

TEAR TRACKS MARK Breanna’s face and mascara smudges near her eyes.

“RAZOR’S TALKING, BUT the words aren’t registering.”



“LAST PERSON I expected at my house was a middle-aged woman in a pair of tight jeans and a thick-strapped black tank cooking over the gas stove.”

“KEEPING IN MIND the most frequently used letters in the alphabet, I’m toiling my way through the Caesar encryption method.”

“Cyrus: I have something for you.”

“THE WORLD HAS an unusual fuzziness to it.”


“IT’S ONLY THE third day of my senior year and today already ranks as one of the worst three days of my life.”

“THE BRAGGER MESSAGES are like taunts from a drunken frat boy begging to be punched: Jenny @cutekitten · 30 s Like she’s a catch.”


“Breanna: Apples.”

“I AM NEVER using public Wi-Fi again.”

“BREANNA COVERS HER face with her hands.”

“I’VE FORGOTTEN HOW to breathe.”

“IT’S MONDAY AND I’m playing a mixed-up version of hide-and-seek.”

“MY MIND WHIRLS and my hand can barely keep up with my racing thoughts.”

“I’D GIVE MY left ball if I could flip onto my side, but the fire shooting down my arm whenever I try stops me.”

“ME: I’ve figured out the second code.”

“YOU MOVE LIKE an old man.”



“WHEN RAZOR MEETS my eyes again, there’s a hunger in them I’ve never seen before.

“BREANNA SITS CROSS-LEGGED at the end of the bed looking completely sexy and adorable.”


“I’M IN A CAGE and it pisses me off.

“THE DEFINITION OF AWKWARD: riding home with a girl who knows my boyfriend better than I do and yet we have absolutely nothing to talk about on the twenty-minute drive.”

“BREANNA IS STRANGLING my hand so tightly she could rival a tourniquet.”


“I’M IN THE BACK of the clubhouse and I have a line of guys willing to buy me a beer.”

“PAPER PLATES WITH the remnants of our dinner are stacked at the end of the picnic table, and there are enough red plastic cups on the table that I’ve lost track of which one is mine.”

“EMILY’S SITTING IN Cyrus’s recliner, and her eyes are puffy.”

“I FLY INTO the open space near the clubhouse going double what I normally do.”

“THROUGH THE PROPPED-OPEN back door to the Barrel of Fun, the cool autumn breeze rushes through the trees and a waterfall of vibrant leaves falls to the ground.”

“We need to talk about Kyle as soon as you get back.”

“MOM WENT TO WORK and so did Dad.”


“I’VE BEEN DRAWN to Razor— like a possessed moth to an inferno.”

“CLOSE TO NAKED and tangled with me in my bed, Breanna’s head is on my chest and she tells me everything.”

“RAZOR’S GOING TO tell his club.”

“I WISH I HAD Breanna’s mind.”

“I’M SITTING ON the front porch again, my head between my knees.”


“LIAM’S ENGINE WHINES when it hits forty-five, so I’ve kept the speedometer to under forty.”

“ELI’S EDGY AND that causes my skin to crawl along my muscles.”

“THIS GIRL IS smarter than me.”

“WE PARK AT what appears to pass as a convention center in this small town between Louisville and Lexington.”

“I CAN’T STOP touching Razor.”

“THE FIELD FEELS lonely without Breanna, and because of that, I had promised myself I wouldn’t come unless she could join me, but I’m on a mission for someone I loved before Breanna.”

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