Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review - Walk the Edge

Walk the Edge by Katie McGarry

* Received from NetGalley for Review

5 out of 5 gnomes

McGarry has become a go to author for me. This series is so dramatic yet fun to read.

The Reign of Terror motorcycle club has a myriad of unique characters and I love reading about them all.

This book is Razor and Breanna’s story. They really are an unexpected pair but they sure do work well together. Both of them have their share of problems and hectic home lives.

It’s great learning more about Razor and what makes him tick. He’s not just the crazy one, there’s a very good reason he’s the way he is.

Breanna had an interesting story of her own. She has a huge family and is always known as the really smart/good gir. Let’s just say that people don’t want to see her differently.

The mystery in this story was well done. There are many twists and turns. I like the whole thing where Olivia has left tasks for all the kids to do too.

I really wanted some resolution to Breanna’s friend Addison’s story. Here’s hoping she might get her own story.

The ending was sweet and promises an intriguing future for the couple and the Terror.

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