Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sentence Sneak Peek - Alexander Outland: Space Pirate

The first sentence from each chapter of Alexander Outland: Space Pirate, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)


“Vessel Three-three-six-nine you are cleared to land.”

“Nap, why aren’t we stopping?”

Our jump cleared and the pressure against our bodies let up.”

Slinkie wasn’t kidding, I could hear it in her voice.”

“Laser cannon warming up,” Slinkie shouted.”

The jump lasted less than a minute.”

I let that one sit for a moment and used said moment to take a quick look at the expressions in the room.”

We found Randolph and the Governor at one of the nicer spaceport hotels, in the bar, at a table for four.”

Randolph ran in, dragging along what looked like a woman.”

I turned around slowly, making sure I was ready to fight if necessary and smile nicely, depending.”

We found the other three where we’d left them.”

The Governor and I went into the room he’d taken as his.”

I sighed.”

“If I were really your son, I’d be like eighty or something.”

“You were part of the infiltration team?”

“Well, see, not part of my plan.”

The mineral baths on Herion couldn’t compete with those on Thurge, but for a non-volcanic planet, they weren’t bad.”

I left the hood up and moved around to the driver’s side.”

Reactions were immediate.”

I resisted the overwhelming urge to curse.”

Herion Military HQ was an imposing, box-like complex made out of steel.”

I opened the cell door carefully.”

I didn’t reply.”

“Captain, I’m very glad to see you.”

“Moving out now, Audrey.”

I moved the pick and Audrey slammed the door knob.

Kissing Slinkie was all I’d imagined it to be and more.”

He was taller than me, but not by a lot.”

I kept hold of Slinkie’s hand and she didn’t object.”

He looked like he was going to argue, then his shoulders slumped.”

Why does that seem to be everyone’s opinion?”

I stopped the tankfloater.”

I would have loved to pursue the many questions this particular exchange brought up, but we were pulling up to the farm complex and I had to pay attention, because we were being attacked.”

It’s a snake!”

The rest of the evening wasn’t all that stressful.”

“Scarier than the pirate armada?”

“Interesting concept.”

Tanner was quiet for a few long seconds.”

“So, Alexander, what is our plan?”

I didn’t question or argue.”

“This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever had to put into action.”

I thought fast.”

Slinkie, Tanner and I got out of our hazard suits.”

We got into position, and then took off at a trot.”

Suzie called the other girls out, and they were all interested in the kid.”

I stared.”

My Great-Aunt Clara always said the third time was the charm.”

I put Slinkie and Tanner behind me.”

“So, now that your men are around us, what’s your real plan?”

“I’m wide open to suggestions.”

Lionside, where, exactly, is this stampede taking place?”

We sludged along.”

Of course there was going to be a gate and of course we were going to have to break through it.”

I slowed down, not that this made much of a difference.”

The great thing about games is that you can start over.”

The sound of the metal flap slamming into our metal vehicle was still reverberating.”

Okay, I’m going to ask a question, and I want to stress that I don’t want any sarcastic replies or jokes or even questions.”

Sorry about that,” the Governor said.”

Metal is a conductor.”

The essence of a good diversionary tactic is to ensure that the general populace is paying attention to one thing while you’re actually doing another.”

The Hulkinator had a sense of humor, at least, that’s how I saw it.”

The moment we lifted off the ground, I saw Slinkie and the others look horrified.”

We were back in space.”

I stopped the jump calculations.”



Against most of my initial expectations, we actually took off.”

Sensors found a good area to land.”

Everyone went off to do their assigned tasks.”

Everyone was called in and we ate while watching the Slide Show of Doom.”

I agree,” Lionside said slowly.”

Thudding silence met this statement.”

There was an appreciative pause before Lionside asked the inevitable question.”


Found the hiding spot Hulky had picked out.”

The silence was awe-inspiring.”

A leggy blonde who looked familiar stalked over to us.”

“Real news?”

Charmaine barked orders and the Governor and I were suddenly very alone.”

Had to think.”

I dodged fighters while I pondered this question for the ages.”

There was thudding silence.”

There was silence again.”

Major Lionside defected and he’s with you!”

Walked down the ramp to see a whole lot of Herion guns pointing at me.”

The gods did love me.”

I held up the card Tanner had given me.”

Explosion in the docking bay!”

Libsuno, like the Outland, always lived up to its hype.”

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