Monday, January 4, 2016

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Alexander Outland: Space Pirate

“The one good thing about space? It’s a great place to hide if you’ve relieved someone on a planet or a transport of what matters to them.”

“A little trick I like to call ‘staying alive’.”

“His grip was painful, to the point where I wanted to cry like a little girl. I didn’t, but I sure as hell wanted to.”

“If you do something right more than twice, it’s skill, Major, not luck.”

“My Chief Mechanic had created his own Sexbot.”

“I wondered about the rumors that too much time out in space caused mental issues.”

“Thank God I only drink alcoholic beverages.”

“I thought we agreed I wasn’t hero material.”

“And yet, here you are, alive, well, and with the right girl. Really, is there just no pleasing you?”

“I really regretted the inability to kill someone more than once.”

“You think like the sacks of excrement but you are actually a noble person.”

“You don’t get to choose your family, but you do get to choose your friends.”

“The so what is that the little things you don’t pay attention to can kill you.”

“Actions counted, but worry was interest paid on something you’d never collect.”

“Everyone was quiet. Thinking, I hoped. Then again, maybe they were napping. Hard to be sure sometimes.”

“If it went wrong, well, that’s what the guns were for in the first place.”

“I guess the daily prune diet made him appreciate what he had to work to create.”

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” I’d never really bought into that one. In my experience, the enemy of my enemy still somehow ended up my enemy.”

“I was considered the best pilot in the galaxy. Because I believed. I believed in me and my ship, and, as they joined me, my crew.”

“The essence of a good diversionary tactic is to ensure that the general populace is paying attention to one thing while you’re actually doing another.”

“Outland, is there a method to your madness or did you just not get enough love as a child.”

“Not by gloating—I liked to save gloating for private moments, not public ones. I’d seen too many gloaters dethroned in mid-public-gloat.”

“Sure, we could have. But think of all the fun we’d have missed.”

“I could tell, because faux pirate wear didn’t really offer the lift and support so important to the full-figured woman.”

“Contemplated my lifelong streak of finding the best misfit in any crowd. Decided I’d navel-gaze once I could feel confident I’d still have a navel to gaze at.”

“What was everyone’s problem with humming?”

“Out of all the miscreants in all the galaxy, how is it I’m saddled with you?”

“As my Great-Aunt Clara always said, dying happy’s great, but living happy’s preferred by nine out of ten, and the tenth man’s leaning towards it, too.”

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