Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review - Alexander Outland: Space Pirate

Alexander Outland: Space Pirate by G.J. Koch

5/5 gnomes

This book is so much fun. I was already on a Star Wars high after the new movie so I knew I wanted to read a good space opera-tastic book. I’ve also been meaning to read this book for a while since it’s by the pen name of one of my favorite authors Gini Koch.

The story starts quick and never really lets up. The characters and settings are very entertaining. Captain Alexander Napolean Outland aka Nap is known for sleeping around but is so full of charm he's a lovable character anyway. He’s like a mix of Han Solo and Captain Kirk so he’s got charisma and luck to spare.

The rest of the crew is pretty epic too. Randolph’s the engineer who might be more than a tad bit crazy. Audrey is a surprising character who I really liked towards the end, Slinkie is the very capable love interest/Chief of Weapons and Security. Then there’s the Govenor who’s full of secrets and knowledge.

They have to fight on many fronts and there is a plethora of action. I love all the characters they meet along the way. The humor throughout is what really sold the book for me and I know I would love to read more about these characters.

If you’re looking for a fun read with some surprising characters, this book is definitely one you should check out.

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