Monday, November 2, 2015

Sentence Sneak Peek - The Professor Woos The Witch

The Professor Woos The Witch by Kristen Painter

“Cole Van Zant’s running shoes pounded the well-maintained sidewalks of his Nocturne Falls neighborhood.”

“Cole wasn’t one to be swayed by a woman’s looks, but he hadn’t expected Venus on the Half Shell to answer the door.”

“A sullen, angry Kaley sat across from Cole as their front door slammed shut.”

“Cole drove a pickup, which wasn’t unexpected, but Pandora had figured it would be dirty inside from whatever construction jobs he’d been working and okay, because he was a guy, littered with food wrappers and random pieces of two-by-fours and those odd flat pencils carpenters used.”

“After a long day of work, Pandora took refuge in her sister’s flower shop.”

“As soon as they got into the house, Cole called upstairs.”

“Pandora chewed without really tasting.”

“Pandora had over an hour to meet her buyers at the house she was showing them, which gave her the perfect opportunity to swing by her mother’s place.”

“Pandora arrived at Cole’s promptly at six thirty, dressed a little nicer than usual for Saturday-night family dinner.”

“Cole wasn’t surprised by how pretty Pandora’s mother or sisters were.”

“Cole gave Pandora her space for the rest of the evening, which thankfully wasn’t much longer.”

“Cole was a well-educated man.”

“By five o’clock, Pandora had finally begun to feel human again.”

“Never in his life had the impending visit of a woman given Cole the kind of jittery buzz he was currently experiencing.”

“Cole’s Monday zipped by in a blur of getting Kaley off to school, finishing the front living room clean-out, calling the hauling company to come empty the dumpster and finally, getting ready for his date with Pandora.”

“Pandora’s belly twisted into three kinds of knots.”

“Pandora still had a smile on her face from Cole’s invite, which was probably the only reason she hadn’t hung up on the house appraiser yet.”

“The next morning, Pandora caught her mom just as she was unlocking the door to Ever After.”

“When Pandora got to Marigold’s cottage, Corette was already there, which made sense since they lived so close.”

“Back at Cole’s, Pandora headed straight for the attic to search Gertrude’s things for the key ingredient in their sting, the substitute feather.”

“One text from Kaley.”

“At eleven forty-five the next day, Cole found himself wandering on Main Street.”

“Cole’s fear turned to anger when he saw Pandora’s Mercedes parked outside the old house.”

“Habit woke Cole before dawn.”

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