Friday, September 12, 2014

Review - Sacrifice

Sacrifice by Brigid Kemmerer

* ARC read via NetGalley
* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)
5 out of 5 gnomes

I love everything about this series and have had a lot of fun getting to read about this intriguing group of brothers and the people they love. This is another series that I’m sad to see end and hope that the author writes more about them in the future.

With the title being Sacrifice, I’m sure you can infer that there are indeed plenty of sacrifices in the story. You’ll see many kinds of sacrifices and one towards the end is undeniably sad.

The story moves fast so there is not a lot of time to just sit back and breathe. Overall I loved that the events in this series happened over such a short amount of time. Let’s just say that you will feel a myriad of emotions while reading.

The author actually answered my question on Goodreads too (which was awesome :) ) Here’s what I asked and the answer:

Gecky Boz
Gecky Boz asked Brigid Kemmerer:

Hi, I loved Sacrifice and how many sacrifices you showed in the story even the one towards the end that made me cry. :) The end was great and like you said in the earlier question on here I'm glad you kept the ending open because it was a good place to stop but you can always go back to it. My question I was wondering about is if James might be an elemental or if you ever thought about making him one?

This answer contains spoilers… [I thought about making him an elemental, but it just didn't work for the story. I was originally planning to having James get kidnapped by the Guides instead of Calla, but I was writing this while pregnant and immediately after having a baby, and the thought of putting a child in peril was way too much for my poor, abused hormones. I also thought about making Hannah's father an elemental, but I was up against a deadline and I couldn't explore that option sufficiently, so I took it out. I deliberately left the story open ended so I can revisit this "universe" in the future. (hide spoiler)]
I would highly recommend this series because of how fun yet intense it all is and because of how much you’ll find yourself caring about all of the characters.

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