Monday, September 29, 2014

P.R.R.(Pre Review Ravings) - Afterworlds

These are my P.R.R.(Pre Review Ravings) aka what I think before I write my review.

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld

- What a complicated yet truly awesome concept.

- A mixture of both contemporary and paranormal YA this book pretty much has everything.

- This book is hard to explain but it's different in a very meta/interesting kind of way.

- You’re reading the story about an author of a book, the publishing process pretty much what the author goes through, and the book that author’s writing. Along with the author's relationship and how she changes the book.

- I liked Darcy and Imogen's relationship because it's messy/definitely not perfect. They really have to work for their goals.

- Seeing the different points of view of the author and the character well characters from the stories was really interesting.

- Both of these mashed together stories are so good that I would read them over and over together or separately.

- I'm really interested in seeing more of Imogen's book because that bit you get to read is really good.

- The endings of the book and the book within a book just work so well.

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