Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sentence Sneak Peek - Monument 14: Savage Drift

Monument 14: Savage Drift by Emmy Laybourne

The first sentence from each chapter of Monument 14: Savage Drift, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Niko’s eyes flashed to our faces, one by one.”

I keep to myself.

“I stormed up toward the housing tents.”

As hungry as they are, the kids are skittish at mealtimes.

“We like to eat early, all together.”


“At daybreak a sound woke me up.”

Sometimes we get a moment of reprieve and this afternoon, in the courtyard, it’s a blue-sky Indian summer kind of day and someone lends Freddy a Frisbee.

“Astrid was saying, “Oh my God,” on repeat.”

You wanted to clean,Venger says.”

“You think you should go and not me?!”

Took you long enough, but you got the mess cleaned up,Venger says.”

“Captain McKinley was driving a large military passenger-transport truck.”

In the morning Mario is all over me about the letter.

“In the entry foyer there was one of those black dry-erase boards that you write on with neon markers.”

We’re in our room.

“I woke to the screech of brakes and Rocco’s loud voice, “Pit stop number two.”

The nurse tells us we have to wait in line.

“Our backpacks were gone—they’d been in the truck.”

I stumble back out into the hallway filled with the waiting sick.

“The wind had shifted and now the drift was hitting the windshield.”

We stay in the room until dinner.

“There’s a KID in the TRUNK!”

I try to get the little kids to go to the skinny mother’s room but they refuse.

“We spent the night in the car.”

After we’re sure they are gone, Lori heads back to the other room to sleep with Heather.

“Now I was following a trail of blood.”

I try to think.

“Now I was without a gun.”

I have to tell the kids.

“Oh my God!”

Something is wrong.

“In the morning there was a knock at the front door.”

I wake to feel tape being removed from my left hand.

“I carried Astrid to the car.”

Dr. Cutlass comes to me in the late afternoon.

“They were not pleased with me, the soldiers.”

It’s dark in my room and then I’m being shaken awake.

“Sir, I understand the objective, but surely a low dose of magnesium sulfate wouldn’t affect the fetus—”

He stands up and paces back and forth until I tell him, in strong words, that I don’t want to spend our night together planning some futile escape.

“Binwa is trying to coach Astrid through the contractions and I am losing my mind.”


“You’ve got to do a caesarian NOW!”

All heads are turned toward the other end of the hall.

“I scramble to my feet and push away from the orderly.

There’s blood on my hands.

Josie and Niko come maybe five minutes later.”

“Our room is over the kitchen because the room over the kitchen is the warmest in the house.”

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