Friday, April 29, 2011

HOUNDED - My Favorite Quotes/Lines

Hounded by Kevin Hearne
"Sometimes I forget what I look like and I do some-thing out of character, such as sing shepherd tunes in Aramaic while I'm waiting in line at Starbucks, but the nice bit about living in urban America is that people tend to either ignore eccentrics or move to the suburbs to escape them."

"The local col-lege kids would describe Thor as a "major asshat" if they ever had the misfortune to meet him.)"

"Anyone with a cursory knowledge of mythology knows that it is suicidal to sexually harass a goddess."

"Being honorable is an excellent way to get yourself killed."

"<Will you tell me about Genghis Khan's whores while I'm in the bath?>   
    Hordes, not whores.  He had both, though, now that you mention it."

"She'd deliberately tried to provoke me, and one cannot sass me with impunity."

"He said, 'a friend will help ye move, Katie, but a really good friend will help ye move a body.'"

"<Okay, fine.  But seriously.  You think she has a magic sausage for me?
     How would you know the difference if she did?  You think all sausages are magic."

"<She's kind of like a Mary Poppins just before she turns to the dark side of the Force,> Oberon said."

"<I'd rather come to work with you from now on.  It's fun to watch you pretend to be normal.>"

"Did that big fucking bird do all of this?"

"Monty Python is like catnip for nerds.  Once you get them started quoting it, they are constitutionally inca-pable of feeling depressed."

"You have no idea how bitchy werewolves can be!>"

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