Thursday, April 28, 2011

Character Interview: Oberon the Irish wolfhound from HOUNDED

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

Here's a picture of an Irish Wolfhound so you can have a clue as to what Oberon might look like:

Today at Bibliognome I have my first ever character interview.

I was lucky enough to have my interview questions answered by Oberon the quite awesome Irish wolfhound from Hounded by Kevin Hearne.  Oberon is very entertaining in the story and will make you literally laugh out loud a lot while you read.  

Bibliognome: What is your favorite animal to hunt?

Oberon: <Rabbits. Every time I catch one, I laugh at Elmer Fudd. Dude had a gun and everything.>

Bibliognome: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Oberon: <Sausage! But I'm talking about the kind you cook. I don't like those sausages people give each other for Christmas with those little jars of mustard. They're too full of chemicals.>

Bibliognome:  What was your first impression of Atticus?

<He found me on a rescue ranch in Massachusetts. Most humans thought I was a bad dog because I kept tearing things up. But that was only because they didn't let me hunt and gave me dry dog food. Atticus spoke directly to my mind, and the first thing he asked was what I wanted besides sausage. That was a really perceptive question, and I thought, "Finally, somebody gets me!" So I told him I wanted to hunt and he said he'd take me hunting often if I would be his hound, and when we couldn't hunt he'd feed me sausage. I don't think it's possible for a human to make a better first impression than that.>

Bibliognome: What’s the best story that Atticus has told you?

Oberon: <Oh, you mean story time in the bath? My favorite was the one about Crazy Horse. I spent weeks plotting ways to crush the U.S. cavalry. Atticus taught me a Lakota war cry and I tried it on Mr. Semerdjian. I think he may have lost bladder control.>

Bibliognome: Is Genghis Khan still one of your favorite historical figures?

Oberon: <Yes, isn't he inspirational? I hope I can outdo him! Someday my empire will stretch from Beijing to Lisbon.>

Bibliognome:  How does it feel when you’re able to walk around without anybody seeing you?

Oberon: <It tickles. That camouflage spell messes with my skin somehow. But it's fun to mess with the widow's cats when they can't see me coming. One time I just went up to the Persian tom and smacked him upside the head with my paw. He was so startled he left half his fur behind getting out of there. Good times.>

Bibliognome: Have you always loved poodles or have you just recently become interested in them?

Oberon: <French poodles are so posh. I mean, whenever I go up to sniff a poodle's ass, the scent is so intoxicating, and—oh. Wait. Atticus said I wasn't supposed to talk about ass-sniffing with other humans. Is this a trick question? You'd better not get me into trouble.>

Bibliognome: You certainly seem to be a great protector and friend to Atticus so what is the best thing that he has done for you?

Oberon: <He taught me language and how to type. But it's slow going with just my nails. Sometimes I accidentally smoosh my whole paw down like this oij;;klm,plokjip and I have to delete and start over. I wish Steve Jobs would design an iDog Touch or something.>

Bibliognome: Do you think Atticus will ever find anybody to settle down with?

<He's been settled before. He was married to a woman in Africa for two hundred years or something like that. He was keeping her young like him with Immortali-Tea. But she got killed and he was very sad. I don't think he's been married since then. I kind of think he might still be sad.>

Bibliognome: Anything else that you would like to let people know?

Oberon: <Yes. If anybody wants to join my horde, please muster on the Mongolian steppes as soon as possible. Soon I will join you and we will ride to glory. I promise all the yak milk you can drink! Nothing but the best for my horde.>

Quick Questions:
1.) Marrowbone or Beggin Strips?
2.) Rawhide or Pig Ears?
3.) Squeaky toy or Plushie?
<The widow's cats are both squeaky and plush.>
4.) Frisbee or Stick?


  1. ...possibly the best interview ever. "Both squeaky AND plush," hah!

  2. This was really fun to read, thanks for the interview Becky.


  3. @Kate, Thanks :)I knew I had to interview Oberon after reading HOUNDED. As you can tell from his interview answers, he has some of the funniest lines in the book.

    @TheReader, Thanks, for reading. Glad you liked it :)

  4. Great interview! I just finished the book today so I really enjoyed Oberon's answers. ;)

  5. This is one of the best interviews I've read. Oberson was one of my favorite characters in the book. Can't wait to see more of him.

  6. @csilibrarian Thanks, really glad you liked it. I loved Oberon's answers too. :)

    @Irish, Thanks so much, glad you liked the interview. Yeah, I can't wait to see what Oberon does in the next books either.


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