Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mockingjay Madness

A day where I try to sneakily read Mockingjay at work when nobody is looking.  :)

So excited for this book

:) :) :)

So far so good, I bought the eBook from Barnes & Noble.com so it's less noticable that I'm reading then the actual book would be.  :)

My favorite lines from the book so far:

"Some walks you have to take alone."

"Still, I hate them.  But, of course, I hate almost everybody now.  Myself more than anyone."

"To become the Mockingjay...could any good I do possibly outweigh the damage?"

"Oh, no.  It costs a lot more than your life.  To murder innocent people?" says Peeta.  "It costs everything you are."

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