Friday, September 21, 2012

Tiny Reverse Vampire Interviews Rose from ANGST by David J. Pedersen

Tiny Reverse Vampire is happy to present an interview with Rose from the story Angst by David J. Pedersen

- Some spoilers are highlighted like so :)

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *When and how did you discover your abilities?*

Rose - My dad was attacked by an animal when I was twelve.  My mother and I found him and he was dying.  I remember being so angry...I was furious that this had happened.  I just wanted the injuries to go away, and I would have done anything.  I was holding his hand even though it was covered in blood.  The
cuts on his arms started to fade, but they began to appear on my arm.  I didn't understand, but for some reason I thought it would be okay, so I tried to do more.

When my mom saw what was happening, she hit me.  I don't remember much after that I must have been unconscious.  When I woke he was dead.  I hated her for that, so I left and haven't seen her since.

Tiny Reverse Vampire*What do you think of the queen!?*

Rose - She's fine.  I don't hate her as much as Angst does, but his impression is skewed by Princess Victoria.  I don't agree with all of the Queen's policies, especially those about Magic, but she seems to be a competent leader.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *How do you feel about the magic restrictions?*

Rose - People complain about how wielding magic is wrong, that it's unnatural and dangerous... but then they make it legal to use 'practical magic' at work.  It's like saying you can ride a horse on some roads and not others - it makes no sense.  There is nothing unnatural about it if someone is born with the ability to wield magic.  These restrictions are made by ignorant people who fear what they don't understand.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *When did you meet Angst and the others?*

Rose - I met Angst after I started working at the castle.  He introduced himself right away and offered to show me around.  I thought he was nice, though a little strange.  Once and awhile I would catch him staring.  I finally asked him why and he started making fun of me, he said there was something wrong with my face!  I hit him in the arm.  He invited me out to drinks with his friends and I've been hanging out with them ever since.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *If you could have any magic ability you have seen instead of yours, which
would you choose?*

Rose - The ability to be left alone by stupid people.  I swear, they are everywhere.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *Did you get to keep your swifen and if you did, what did you name it?*

Rose - I can summon my swifen any time I need her, she's pretty handy but I hadn't considered naming her.  I'm not even sure she's alive, so naming her sounds a little strange.

Tiny Reverse Vampire- *What was your favorite part of your recent adventure?*

Rose - Watching Angst panic when I pretended to fall over the stairs. For some reason I can't seem to remember all of the details, but I do recal the look on his face.  He deserved that, it still makes me laugh!

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *How did you first start working in the castle?*

Rose - I was only 18 and trying to live on my own, there was a rumor around Unsel about jobs at the castle so I went to find out more.  They immediately turned me away because I was too young, but Princess Victoria came in, whispered something to the person who interviewed me, and they hired me.  I couldn't believe it.  I need to ask her if she recommended me or if the guy just changed his mind, because it was really odd.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *Is life very different since you became a hand maiden for the princess?*

Rose - Yes.  I'm now privy to all the court intrigue, and it's not that interesting.  What do these people actually do for a living?  I just don't get what her job is and I can't even imagine what kind of Queen she will end up being.  She needs to decide to focus on more important things than gossip and boys if she is going to end up leading us.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *What future journeys do you plan?*

Rose - I'm pretty sure I'll tag along with the boys whenever they go adventuring.  Obviously they can't do it without me.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *Who would win in a fight Hector or Tarness?*

Rose - I'm just glad they get along so well, because that would be an awful fight.  Tarness can take a beating, but I really think Hector would win.  He knows so much about fighting and has been training people for years.  Something about what he does with magic would give him the edge, he's just so fast.

Tiny Reverse Vampire - *Anything else you would like to let everyone know?*

Rose - I've had the worst headdache since healing the stupid Queen.  I almost can't stand it, some days I have to stay home from work and rest until it goes away.  I've always healed fast, it's what I do.  I wish I could figure out how to get rid of it.

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