Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mysterious Memo

Received this mysterious memo from Susan Jane Bigelow, perhaps it has something to do with her newest book Fly Into Fire.  Check it out and get some insight into this intriguing world:

Confederation Palace Internal Messaging System : Message 4903-dgh-B12

Encryption level: platinum-2
Sent: January 15, 2110 20:03:14

TO: President Damian Peltan
FROM: Corporal Ernesta Trägel, Commander, Confederation Military Police

SUBJECT:  Extrahumans follow-up

Mr. President,

In response to your earlier request for an update on the Extrahuman project, I am providing the following summarized information:

     ·         No, there is no substantial evidence of new or unknown     extrahumans at this time. The ones that are known are detailed in an earlier report, and we believe them to be largely neutralized or irrelevant. Sky Ranger remains the notable exception.·         Sky Ranger is believed to be in Canada. Our agents are continuing to search, and I will update you when any progress has been made. He has proven very difficult to catch, and has stayed out of sight following his attack on the Fleet base at Hingham. 
     ·         Birthrates for extrahumans were already in steep decline thanks to the previous government’s sterilization and containment policy. Within a generation, they will be extinct, save the few we have preserved. 
     ·         The whereabouts of Silverwyng/Broken/Penny Silverwing remain unknown, though we believe she is living somewhere on Valen, under the protection of the Order of St. Val. 
     ·         The Order has a deep interest in extrahumans, likely related to the extrahuman status of its founder. 
     ·         As you are aware, reprisals against the Order of St. Val are unwise at present, due to their status on Valen. I have prepared several plans of attack against specific targets within the Order for your perusal. Of particular interest is the monastery at Clearfield, and the small town of LaNant. We must be cautious, however, until we consolidate our hold over Valen more completely. 
     ·         Rumors of Order infiltration of high-level posts within the Reform Party and the military are certainly untrue! May I ask where you got this information? 
     ·         ConFedMilPol continues to track the boy you asked about. We are now certain he is on Valen, somewhere outside of Arve. I have prepared a plan to find and retrieve him. 
     ·         For information on the Thunder project, I’m going to have to refer you to the head of the Special Project division, Douglas Vasna. I have no authority over this area of the military.

You may certainly query me further on any of these points at our brunch meeting later today. However, I’d say that the situation is well in hand right now, and I’m not all that convinced that we need to focus on the extrahuman situation as closely as we have in the past. Frankly, I’m far more concerned about the lack of morale in the Fleet, unrest on Mandolia, and ship movement on the Räton border.

And yes, I’d very much like to try the new Calvasnan blend today, you make it sound wonderful. A quality native source of coffee ought to improve everyone’s morale, especially mine. Give my compliments to Charlie.

Yours in service,

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