Thursday, March 1, 2012

Broken and Fly Into Fire Giveaway

Candlemark & Gleam has agreed to a giveaway of a digital copy of Broken and Fly Into Fire by Susan Jane Bigelow to the winner of this contest.

I loved these books and hope that you like them too.

My review of Broken
Review of Fly Into Fire

All you have to do is write a Superhero Haiku.  Here's an example:

Batman of Gotham
Hopes to make justice prevail
Jokers in the way

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  1. Harken, Man of Steel!
    Your circulation's failing
    In those silly tights.

  2. Underpants on top
    What a stupid sight it is
    No sense for fashion

    Yeah.... no inspiration :-p

  3. Dislike Superman
    Tired of worn out comics now
    Want a new hero


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