Thursday, June 8, 2017

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Every Heart a Doorway (Wayward Children #1)

Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

“They wanted what was best for their charges, as did she. It was simply that they had very different ideas of what “best” meant.”

“If her hair was white now, and her skin was soft with wrinkles and memories, well, that was no matter at all. There was still something unfinished around her eyes; she wasn’t done yet. She was a story, not an epilogue.”

“‘Real’ is a four-letter word, and I’ll thank you to use it as little as possible while you live under my roof.”

“Because hope is a knife that can cut through the foundations of the world,” said Sumi.”

“Because they’re the wrong colors, right? Somebody else’s rainbow.”

“We’ve much to do, and time does insist on being linear here, because it’s awful.”

“I never did like to leave a story unfinished.”

“We are in a material place. Blood flows in your veins. Try to keep it there.”

“We notice the silence of men. We depend upon the silence of women.”

“Sumi was a reason for other people to scream.”

“That’s because Narnia was a Christian allegory pretending to be a fantasy series, you asshole,” said one of the other boys.”

“This world is unforgiving and cruel to those it judges as even the slightest bit outside the norm.”

“I don’t like corpses in that way unless they’ve been reanimated,” said Jack. “Corpses are incapable of offering informed consent, and are hence no better than vibrators.”

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