Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sentence Sneak Peek - Go Set a Watchmen

Go Set a Watchmen by Harper Lee

The first sentence from each chapter of Go Set a Watchmen, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Spoilers are highlighted like so: :)

“Since Atlanta, she had looked out the dining-car window with a delight almost physical.”

“Atticus Finch shot his left cuff, then cautiously pushed it back.”

“There was no doubt about it: Alexandra Finch Hancock was imposing from any angle; her behind was no less uncompromising than her front.”

“The town of Maycomb, Alabama, owed its location to the presence of mind of one Sinkfield, who in the early dawnings of the country operated an inn where two pig trails met, the only tavern in the territory.”

“When she was getting in the car she bumped her head hard against its top.”

“Jean Louise, Jean Louise, wake up!”

“There’s nothing like a blood-curdling hymn to make you feel at home, thought Jean Louise.”

“With the same suddenness that a barbarous boy yanks the larva of an ant lion from its hole to leave it struggling in the sun, Jean Louise was snatched from her quiet realm and left alone to protect her sensitive epidermis as best she could, on a humid Sunday afternoon at precisely 2:28 P.M.”

“Integrity, humor, and patience were the three words for Atticus Finch.”

“Jean Louise got up from the yard chair she was sitting in, walked to the corner of the lot, and vomited up her Sunday dinner.”

“There was a time, long ago, when the only peaceful moments of her existence were those from the time she opened her eyes in the morning until she attained full consciousness, a matter of seconds until when finally roused she entered the day’s wakeful nightmare.”

“Sunlight roused her.”

“Alexandra was at the kitchen table absorbed in culinary rites.”

“Aunty,” said Jean Louise, when they had cleared away the rubble of the morning’s devastation, “if you don’t want the car I’m going around to Uncle Jack’s.”

“Mad, mad, mad as a hatter.”

“Hank, where’s Atticus?”

“Hank,” said Atticus, “why don’t you go have a long look at the roses on the square?”

“She never knew how she got the car started, how she held it in the road, how she got home without a serious accident.”

“She walked into the foyer of the office.”

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