Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Review/My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Puddin'

Puddin’ by Julie Murphy

3 gnomes and a gnome hat out of 5 gnomes

* Page 349 aka where I actually wrote a note on my kindle yelling at a character:
                           “YOU ARE BEING RIDICULOUS!!!”

I love a lot of the quotes/lines from this book but not how the story fits together a lot of the time. I mean I do love the characters but the story just felt off at times.

The initial conflict is good but Millie herself is way way too forgiving about the incident that brings her and Callie together.  I don't know, it just kind of felt like especially at the end that there should have been more. I would have like to see more of both Millie and Callie's projects/plans. 

The bright spot in the whole story was the reinforcing of friendships and some new friendships. There's also one very cute relationship that starts up that could have been delved into/given even more space in the story that I really loved.

The whole third act could have been longer or maybe moved to the middle so everything had room to breathe/go more in depth. The dual point of view is done well. I just cared a lot more about one character than the other.

My Favorite Quotes/Lines:

* Spoilers are highlighted like so :)

“Maybe it’s different for everybody, but people like my grandparents? Their opinion of the world is shaped by the person who delivers their news. That’s real responsibility, and I don’t take that lightly.”

“Like my mama says, if it smells like bullshit, it probably is.”

"I try not to cringe. Dog-earing a book feels like a violation of some sacred unspoken rule."

"He chuckles. “Prepare for the life you want, mija, not the one you have, right?”

“Do something respectable,” she says. “Earn respect. Simple.”

“Well, I hear these things are very moisturizing,” I say. “And better to look like a serial killer than actually be one, right?”

“Y’all need to get on the damn internet or something. Amanda is asexual. Aren’t you, Amanda?”

“But I don’t do it to become some after-picture version of myself. I do it ’cause it makes me feel good. You know that, right?”

"If somehow each person in the world is only allotted a certain amount of good luck in life, I’m scared I’ve spent all of mine tonight."

“I don’t say things to make people feel good. I say them because they’re true.”

“Sometimes being fat and finding clothing is like trying to ice-skate in the desert.”

“No,” I say, my voice dead serious. “Not everyone wants to change the world.”

“I look at the five of them. These girls were never the friends I asked for, but they’re definitely the friends I needed.”

“And why is everyone always trying to take money away from libraries? Aren’t books sort of the reason we’re even in school at all?”

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