Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Review/My Favorite Quotes and Lines - Every Day

Every Day by David Levithan


3 gnomes out of 5 gnomes

Feelings after reading: Surprised and a little bummed that the story was over.

This is another one of those books that I’ve known about forever but never got around to reading it, until I saw the preview for the movie based on this book. The preview looked pretty good so I knew I wanted to read this book ASAP.

It is intriguing seeing A’s point of view on this plethora of different lives. I kind of wish the book had started in the earlier years and then did a time jump to being 16 years old. The lives we do see really shape A into an interesting character.

Meeting Rhiannon changes everything for this character. It was almost a little too instalove but I just went with it and got drawn into the story.

The only real misstep/part I didn’t like was how harsh A was when they were in the body of someone that wore a 3XXXL. I myself am not exactly a small person but the way A describes the body is pretty darn insulting and makes the person sound horrible/like they have a hard time even existing. I mean A was two rather large football player dudes in the book, I imagine them close to 300 pounds too and rocking larger than a 3X shirt. After so much other diversity and openness in the book it was a little jarring that A was so upset by waking up fat.

The ending was a twist I wasn’t expecting. (I was expecting an ending kind of like the one in The Host by Stephanie Meyer.) So I really was surprised by how everything ended up and wish there had been just a little more of what exactly happens next.

My Favorite Quotes/Lines

“After a while, you have to be at peace with the fact that you simply are.”

“We all contain mysteries, especially when seen from the inside.”

“We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”

“Happiness is so rarely a part of my vocabulary, because for me it’s so fleeting.”

“Once you experience enormity, it lingers everywhere you look, and wants to be every word you say.”

“Kindness connects to who you are, while niceness connects to how you want to be seen.”

“In my experience, desire is desire, love is love. I have never fallen in love with a gender. I have fallen for individuals. I know this is hard for people to do, but I don’t understand why it’s so hard, when it’s so obvious.”

“If your beauty is unquestioned, so many other things can go unquestioned as well.”

“If smart people are parodying it, that’s a sure sign that some less smart people are believing it.”

“As if when someone close to us dies, we momentarily trade places with them, in the moment right before. And as we get over it, we’re really living their life in reverse, from death to life, from sickness to health.”

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