Friday, July 7, 2017

Comics Time - Check These Out

I’ve been reading a bunch of comics lately, here are some really great ones that you should read ASAP.

This comic has a crazy premise but it really works. Seeing all the Looney Toons characters personified as humans = some really dark noir intrigue. Plus Elmer Fudd has never been more terrifying.

I love Iceman from the movies and even that really old I think super nintendo or nintendo game based off of the X-Men. This comic throws you into the current world of the X-Men and Bobby trying to find out exactly who he wants to be.

Justice League and Power Rangers, it really shouldn’t work as well as it does. I truly loved it though. The art is great and the story works well too. If you watched Power Rangers and like the Justice League too then you should definitely check this out.

If you saw the new Wonder Woman movie then you should definitely check out this comic. The stories are so well done and show just how well rounded this character can be.

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  1. Lol this post was one of the most interesting posts i read today! to see my favorite loony toons personified like this! wow


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