Wednesday, June 17, 2015

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Nowhere But Here

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Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry
“I like simple. I like predictable and I hate surprises.”

“It’s a bit rough, but not sandpaper. It’s a hand that leads, not a hand that follows, and I really shouldn’t be thinking too much about this anymore.”

“Besides, you’re a McKinley. We have fine asses. Be proud of your body, honey, it sags with time.”

“We might have to prohibit ass conversations.”

“You are totally underestimating the power of a meatball.”

“I’d tell you that it’s not your choice and that you aren’t the center of the universe.”

“Technically, by blood, I’m more gangster than you.”

“Your parents are probably concerned I’m going to taint your pure soul.”

“Never at any time were you not loved.”

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