Monday, April 25, 2011

Sentence Sneak Peek - Hounded

Hounded by Kevin Hearne

The first sentence from each chapter of Hounded, it's a mini summary of what you can expect to read.

* Won this book from the author
* Spoilers are highlighted :)

"There are many perks to living for twenty-one cen-turies, and foremost among them is bearing witness to the rare birth of genius."

"I looked around to see who might have witnessed the fight, but there wasn't anyone close by
—it was lunchtime."
"I have been around long enough to discount most superstitions for what they are: I was around when many of them began to take root, after all."

"You know you cannot get one of these drinks in T
ír na nÓg?"

"Pillow talk in the modern era often involves the shar-ing of childhood stories or perhaps an exchange of dream vacations."

"Located just north of the Phoenix Zoo, Papago Park is an odd formation of isolated hills surrounded by teddy bear cholla, creosote, and saguaro."

"With much apologizing and simultaneous thanks for the gift of her company, I suggested to Flidais once I returned home that if I were to be attacked shortly by a party of Fir Bolgs, I had much to do in the way of preparation."

"It actually turned out to be quite a busy morning, making my opening of the second register seem like genius."

"Now, that was a pretty good bomb to drop on me."

"Time to go home!"

"How can one freeze and put their hands above their head at the same time?"


"I assumed that the frowning woman must be Malina Sokolowski."

"Brighid was a vision."

"I thought Sundays were supposed to be relaxing."

"You know that old saw about your life flashing before your eyes at the moment of death?"

"I beckoned Perry over."

"I awoke in the morning remarkably refreshed but with urgent pressure on my bladder."

"Gods Below, I hate witches."

"I hope we remain at peace," I said to the witch in Granuaile's head."

"I showed the text to Magnusson, unable to summon anything coherent to say."

"The Haunted Canyon trail Emily spoke of is in the Superstition wilderness, which spans the infamous range of mountains where over one hundred stupid people have died trying to find gold."

"I was doubly resolved never to shape-shift around Flidais again."

"People in this part of the world like to envision demons as fiery red creatures with horns sprouting from their foreheads and barbed, whiplike tails."

"<All right, that's over."


  1. I'm really looking forward to reading this one - more so now that I've seen the sneak peek!

  2. @Kate, yeah it's a really great book, the main character and his dog are quite the pair. The story is engrossing and has plenty of magic, witches and other paranormal goodness.


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